Hosted, Cloud-based Video Conferencing

SKC Twist is a scalable and secure cloud-based video conferencing solution that provides virtual meeting rooms for an unlimited number of users. Supported in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox using WebRTC, users share a simple link to conference participants for an audio, video and content-sharing collaboration session. SKC Twist integrates with existing SIP and H.323 systems as well, with no downloads or additional plugins.

Don’t fumble between bridge numbers and audio dial-ins any longer. SKC Twist brings together video, audio and content share into a single interface, so you can worry about your meeting not about getting everyone dialed-in.

SKC Twist grows with you. Choose a package that works well for you today and change and expand your virtual meeting rooms or ports to accommodate users’ needs well into the future.

Utilize SKC’s certified expertise, manufacturer partnerships and unparalleled support to make sure your environment is running not only at the peak of efficiency but ahead of the curve.

SKC Twist’s user interface is intuitive, providing little to no learning curve. Users can join with a simple click of a link on Chrome or Firefox, a Lync address or H.323 dial-stream.

Join SKC Twist wherever you are. SKC’s cloud-based video conferencing is a true BYOD solution that allows users to join through room endpoints, select internet browsers, and mobile devices.

Trust SKC Twist to be a secure avenue for your video conferencing calls. Privacy and security are of the utmost importance to our customers, and SKC Twist provides a secure connection for users to meet with confidence.